When used as recommended, our products will not cause you to fail a drug test. Drug tests are meant to detect THC - a chemical found in marijuana and hemp. Some Atmos CBD products do contain trace amounts of THC, however that amount is never higher than 0.3%. Special extraction techniques ensure THC is almost completely eliminated from our products. 


NOTE: Testing standards vary from lab to lab. If exceptionally large quantities of our CBD products (1000 - 2000 mg) are consumed within a single day, it is possible that there will be enough THC present in your system to alert on a drug test. Atmos CBD is not liable for failed drug tests caused by ingesting our products.

Atmos CBD is all-natural. No psychoactive substances or synthetic chemicals are present within our products. We extract our oils directly from plants grown on industrial hemp farms, which are naturally high in CBD and low in THC. This allows CBD levels to remain consistent and ensures THC is almost completely eliminated.

Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are naturally occurring chemical compounds found within the hemp plant. CO2 extraction allows us to extract large amounts of CBD and only trace amounts of THC. Atmos CBD is fully compliant with the State Department of Agriculture Regulations and is 100% safe for use. 

Atmos CBD is completely non-psychoactive. There is simply not enough THC present within our products to make users feel “high” during use.

Atmos CBD is legal in all 50 US states. Our products contain less than 0.3% THC, meaning they are compliant with current FDA guidelines. 


NOTE: The percentage of how much THC can be in a ​cannabis-derived product in order to be legal to sell varies from state to state. For more information, review your state's laws before purchasing our products. 

THC is the chemical found in cannabis plants. High levels of THC are what make people feel “stoned” after smoking or ingesting marijuana. The hemp plants from which CBD is extracted contain extremely low levels of THC.

We recommend starting with a low level of CBD and increasing your dosage as you become more familiar with the product. Remember, CBD contains non-psychoactive compounds. Even increased levels will not make you feel “high” or “stoned.” If you have any questions on which Atmos CBD oil is right for you, contact us for more information. 

CBD oil is safe for use and has no major side effects. With that said, every individual tolerates dietary supplements differently. We recommend seeking out trusted sources and studies for more information on CBD. As with any dietary supplement, speak to a medical professional before use.

The products sold at grocery stores are made from hemp seed oil, which only contains trace amounts of CBD. Our products are extracted directly from the hemp plant, resulting in higher concentrations of CBD and more effective health benefits. 

No. Hemp seed oil is derived from the seed of the hemp plant and contains only trace amounts of CBD. Atmos CBD is derived from the entire hemp plant and contains a much greater concentration.

All of our products undergo extensive chemical testing by third-party, independent laboratories. The experts who analyze our products do so to ensure the safety of our customers. Third-party testing also ensures that CBD products maintain THC levels of less than 0.3%.  

We always aim for make sure our customers love our products, but if you do need to return an order, we’re happy to help. Just email us directly and we’ll take you through the process.


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