Atmos is committed to providing our customers with high quality CBD products at affordable prices. Unfortunately, many new companies are using the term “CBD” to sell fake and ineffective merchandise.


Our Buyers Guide is here to set the record straight about the potent and 100% authentic CBD products you’ll find on our website.


What is Atmos CBD used for?


CBD is without a doubt one of the medical world’s hottest buzzwords. A major discovery in the field of homeopathic health, it is said to decrease the unwanted effects of anxiety, muscle aches, sleeplessness, and even chronic pain. 


Our customers use Atmos CBD products for a variety of reasons. People use CBD to manage physical ailments like chronic joint pain, muscle aches, and inflammation as well psychological conditions like depression and anxiety. CBD oils are also packed with nutrients and antioxidants, making them excellent dietary supplements. 


NOTE: Because the cannabis industry is still undergoing preliminary research, CBD oil brands cannot make any definitive health claims about their products. 


How Are CBD and Hemp Related?


CBD comes from oils that are extracted from industrially gown hemp known as Cannabis Sativa - a plant that is packed with high levels of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and proteins. When oil is created from the seed of this plant it is called “Hemp Seed Oil,” a product you can find at most health & wellness retailers. In contrast, CBD Oil is extracted from the hemp plant itself.


Hemp contains extremely high levels of CBD and only trace amounts (less than 0.3%) of THC. THC is responsible for the “high” felt by users after smoking or ingesting marijuana. Although related, CBD is a completely different type of all-natural derivative from the hemp plant. It does not contain any psychoactive substances whatsoever. 


Will Atmos CBD get me high?


No. Federal regulation and third-party testing ensures that all of our products contain THC levels of 0.3% or less. There simply is not enough THC present in any of our products to make you feel a “high.” 


Is CBD addictive?


CBD is not addictive. Addiction is a disease caused by changes in brain chemistry due to compulsive drug or alcohol use.  CBD doesn’t contain any psychoactive compounds and is not an addictive substance. Long-term users simply appreciate its natural health benefits.  


How does Atmos CBD work?


Your brain uses neurotransmitters to communicate messages to receptors throughout the body. These messages help your body regulate how you feel, how you think, and even how you eat. If receptors become overwhelmed or damaged over time, they will not properly receive or interpret these important messages.


Specifically, the endocannabinoid system is a complex network of neurotransmitters and receptors that is responsible for regulating our sleep, appetite, temperature, immune response, pain, and mood. CBD works by naturally stimulating the endocannabinoid system and ensures it is working properly. One cannabinoid in particular is Anandamide, which regulates the chemicals found in our brain without damaging it the way some addictive substances do. 


When our body’s receptors become overwhelmed, they can shut down or function improperly. Cannabinoids also work with receptors to ensure the number of messages they receive from the brain are consistent and controlled. This allows your body to function properly, resulting in a balanced, healthy feeling overall.   


Understand Where Your CBD Is Coming From…


Not all CBD is created equal. When a hemp plant is grown using all-natural nutrients and receives an ample amount of sun or hydro light, it produces high-quality cannabinoids. Once grown, CO2 extraction should be used to remove the harsh alcohols and chemicals (including THC) that are present within the plant’s oils. CBD oil must be 99% pure to have any kind of effect on your health. 


Be wary of brands who do not use third-party testing or FDA compliant labs - they often use undesirable growing practices or harsh solvents to extract the oil from the hemp plant, resulting in a sub-par product that is not safe for consumption and will not improve your health in any way.


Atmos CBD uses proper growing practices and clean extraction methods to ensure the purest oil possible. 


Choosing Your Atmos CBD Product…


Everyone’s body composition is different, meaning there is no blanket statement about what product works for everyone. If you are just starting out, we recommend routinely using our CBD oils to see how they work. It’s also important to try different methods and products to find the perfect fit - some people respond well to a quick boost of CBD, while others prefer a regular routine dosage. 


If you have any more questions on choosing your Atmos CBD oil, contact us!